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This game simulates case opening from one popular title, its clearly the most accurate one you can find.
On the main screen you see all the cases, for example Chroma 2. You can choose any of them to open, or just check your already won items by pressing inventory button. It is possible to sell your guns and check the blance. On the opening screen, upper screen shows you all items that this container contains, guns that are possible to win.The winning screen shows item prices, if the weapon is StatTrak or not and options how to save the weapon. If you press accept, the item will be deployed in your storage.


cscasesimulator.apk 29 MB

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pls make 32 bit pc version i wanna try but i dont have a phone

how do i play

A fun little sim to mess with I actually ended up putting it on with my friends around and we had a good laugh at some of the things we opened.